We offer on-line individual personality assessments and benchmarking service to companies. With our P60 Survey, you can discover the true personality type of your existing and potential employees. Are they a born leader? A supporter? A networker? With the benchmark program you will see if the applicant fits the position and department.

The assessment report provides 8 to 18 pages of the applicant’s character and talent traits along with what you may expect from the applicant. This is a vital tool to help you evaluate an individual’s weak and strong points. In addition, we can build custom surveys for organizations based on their specific needs.

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These assessments and surveys are administered online by email sent to your employees by email and report can be custom branded with your company logo and contact information.

The commercial terms for carrying the assessments are negotiable depending on the assessment required and number of people to be cover by the assessment. Please contact us with your requirements for details.

We invite you to take our Personality (Candidate) Profile assessment and receive our detailed report by email, Click Here