Emotional Intelligence

A Pathway for Personal Success

About the Programme

. Author Daniel Goleman in best-selling book entitled Emotional Intelligence first made the powerful case through both brain and behavioural research that our definition of intelligence as measured by IQ is way too narrow and ignores a critical range of abilities that matter immensely to our success in life. These include such factors as self-awareness, impulse control, personal responsibility, social adeptness, etc. These Personal Mastery elements are the foundation for professional success. This programme seeks to nurture and strengthen the participant’s emotional intelligence.

Target Audience: Leaders, Managers and Employees

Course Objectives

People who attend this program will learn a set of principles that will change the
way they view their lives as well as their performance on the job. They will grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness and their ability to handle the challenges/opportunities of the workplace. Such a personal transformation forms the foundation for organizational transformation.

During this program you will learn principles and participate in exercises that will allow you to truly become master of your own life.

Course Contents

Principles of Self-Mastery

Module 1: The Integrity Model

Module 2: Conquer Your Key Moments

Module 3: Embrace Reality

Module 4: Exercise Responsibility .

Module 5: Clarify Your Vision

Module 6: Define Your Purpose

Module 7: Act with Integrity

Module 8: Value Who You Are

Duration: 2-3days