High Performance Leadership

From Control to Empowerment, Bringing out the best in you so you can bring out the best in others

About the Programme

Leadership is a significant part of the answer to whatever challenges our organizations may face. In this programme, participants will learn how to become an outstanding leader within their organizations by understanding the five practices of the world’s greatest leaders, learning to create a compelling vision of the future and becoming a leader that empowers others to bring out their best.

Target Audience: Leaders and Senior Managers

Course Contents

The principles and practices you learn in this program are based upon observation and research from foremost authorities in the field of leadership, and are divided into the following modules:

Module 1: Principles of Leadership

Module 2: Practices of Empowering Leaders

Module 3: The Five Leadership Roles

Module 4: Leadership Practices

Module 5: Personal Productivity

Module 6 Fundamentals of High Performance Teams

Module 7: Performance Expectations

Module 8: Empowering Others for Success

Duration: 3-5 days