Successful Project Management

About the Programme

The integrative nature of project management involves coordinating multiple processes for a project. This applies through all the basic principles groups of Concept, Selection, Resourcing, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Approval, Delivery, and Closing. The participants will learn to use these basic principles to improve their performance and success of their project.

Target Audience: Program Project Managers and their Project Teams

Course Objectives

Course participants will learn:

  • Identifying resources for the project
  • Providing direction, coordination, and integration to the project team
  • Managing a diverse set of project stakeholders
  • Project Managers are dependent upon others for technical answers
  • Who is responsible for performance and success of the project
  • When to induce the right people at the right time to address the right issues and make the right decisions.

Course Contents

In this Basics Program Project Managers and their Project Teams will learn:
  • What is project management
  • How to define a project
  • Building a successful project team
  • What it takes to plan a project
  • Monitoring a project
  • Best practices for auditing a project
  • Project performance measurement

Duration: 2 days.