Personal Development Programs

Personal development strategy.
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • The Trust Factor
  • The Powers of Persuasion
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Speaking for a Lasting Impression
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer service

    Time Management

Time is money”- Those that can manage time will increase the bottom line!

About the Programme

Whether you are a part of a small firm or a Fortune 500 company, effective time management is essential to success. Participants will learn to determine what is important, prioritize their activities and set and reach goals in their personal and organizational lives, to improve productivity and their impact in the organization.

Target Audience: Leaders, Managers and Employees

Course Contents

Module 1: Managing Your Time

Module 2: Leading Others for Effective Time Management


  1. Speaking for a Lasting Impression

About the Programme

This programme is intended is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to create, deliver and enhance their ability to give presentations that produces the results desired by you as well as your audience members.The program provides participants with the essential components involved in speaking effectively and delivering a presentation that will create a positive lasting impression
on the audience members.

Target Audience: Leaders, Manager, and Employees

Course Overview

Have you ever heard the statement by Jerry Seinfeld that if attending a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy? Have you ever thought about your response to hearing this? Most Americans would agree with this statement, which is why public speaking is, and has been the most dreaded fear, even over death.

Through interaction and skill practice, participants will learn how to create, deliver and enhance their ability to speak in front of a group.


Participant will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the adult learning process.

  • Develop techniques to capture and maintain the attention of the audience.
  • Identify different types of presentations and the purpose behind each.

  • Learn how to prepare your topics and deliver your message.

  • Assess the key elements involved in successful presentations.

  • Analyze how to increase retention and create a lasting impression.

The fear associated with speaking in front of a group will only
be overcome when you have delivered a successful presentation.
Speaking for a Lasting Impression will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve this goal. Not only will you meet the needs of the audience, you will also gain an increase in self-confidence, pride and accomplishment.

Course Contents

The program is divided into five separate modules, each with its own learning objectives.

Module 1: Understanding the Adult Audience

Module 2: Developing a Dynamic Delivery

Module 3: Speaking with Conviction

Module 4: Presenting with Purpose

Module 5: Raising Retention

Duration: 2 days.

  1. Employee Engagement

Moving Past the Corporate Catch Phrase Delivering On-Target Results

About the Programme

Employee Engagement encourages productive and dedicated team members to have a vested interest in the company. Managers are motivated by positive results and a bottom line that benefits from increased employee retention and efficient operations. Simply stated, Employee Engagement is vital to building a successful organization. Participants in this programme gain an understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to empower the people in their organizations, ensuring better communication, committed employees and organizational success.

Target Audience: Leaders, HR Officers and Managers

Course Contents

  • Diagnosing and measuring employee engagement within your organization.

  • Assessing your own levels of engagement and discovering actions you can take to enhance it.

  • Learning and practicing engagement essentials: tools to help align and build team commitment.

  • Developing strategies for intentional engagement.

  • Recognizing the role that respect and collaboration play in employee engagement.

Duration: 2 days