Sales Training

Sales Training

  • Empowering Sales Performance
  • Core Sales Skills
  • Principles of Partnership Selling
  • The Powers of Persuasion
  • Effective Customer service

Empowering Sales Performance

A Sales Manager’s Guide to Success

About the Programme

Effective selling is creating the best sales force that produce results. Every day, sales managers are called to lead their teams. This program teaches sales mangers how to create and drive a sales force to achieve remarkable results. Through interaction and skill practice, participants will learn how to hire, retain, motivate, develop and lead a team to achieve the results needed.

Target Audience:

  • Sales and Marketing Managers.
  • Everyone in a sales management position. Whether you are new to sales management or looking to fine tune current management skills.


A major goal of this program is to provide sales managers with skills necessary to effectively lead a sales team and to identify the key characteristics that will lead to success.

Specifically from this program attendees will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the primary responsibility to increase sales performance
  • Learn how to find, recruit and hire top sales people
  • Identify the most effective ways to coach and develop a sales team
  • Analyze the best ways to coach and develop a sales team
  • Determine ways to motivate a sales force to produce remarkable results
  • Set up systems for measuring performance, setting goals and tracking progress.

Course Contents

This programme is delivered in 5 modules, as follows;

Module 1: Learning to Lead Your Sales Team

Module 2: Building Your Sales Team

Module 3: Developing Your Sales Team

Module 4: Achieving Results as a Sales Manager

Module 5: Leading Your Sales Team with Momentum.

Duration: Bespoke. 

Core Sales Skills

Building a Strong Foundation for Today’s Sales Professionals

About the Programme

When sales people are self-motivated, everyone benefits. This programme is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers increase productivity and improve interactions through specific goal-setting, time leveraging, communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership skills. The programme helps in building strong foundations for today’s sales professionals.

Target Audience: Sales and Marketing Officers and Professionals

. Program Objective

To help sales professionals and sales managers increase productivity and improve interactions through specific goal-setting, time leveraging, communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Program graduates are able to:

  • Set complete and measurable goals.
  • Develop strategic plans for both sales and personal goals.
  • Leverage time in accordance with those goals.
  • Communicate to persuade.
  • Use leadership skills and team effort to bring goals to fruition.
  • Achieve higher quality, optimum performance, and consistent results.

Course Contents

Module 3: Goal-Setting and Planning

Module 2: Leveraging Time

Module 3: Communication

Module 4: Negotiation

Module 5: Teamwork

Duration: 3 days.

Mastering Sales Process

Products Don’t Sell, People Do!

About the Programme

Products Don’t Sell, People Do! A quality product and product training are essential to your success but only in part. Strategic and tactical sales techniques are the vital tools that give you the edge in your market. This program is specifically geared to teach these techniques in a highly interactive and experiential environment – a methodology proven to work.

Target Audience: Sales Professionals, and Managers

Program Objectives

Our primary objective is to equip you with real and practical skills to make your career more productive and more rewarding. Our programs become your programs. We provide sales expertise; you enrich the program with your specific product
and market expertise.

Program Graduates Are Able To:

  • Understand the characteristics of top sales people.

  • Know the difference between a peddler and a partner.
  • Learn to ask questions that lead you to YES!
  • Write proposals that lead to closed sales.

  • Set specific, achievable, trackable, sales goals that impact both personal and professional success.

  • Relate long-term goals and objectives to short-term business planning.

  • Build strong partnerships with clients to create loyal customers rather than just close sales.
  • Profile client needs and match benefits specifically to meet those needs.

  • Develop effective presentations that address client concerns rather than conduct “product dumps.”

  • Handle objections with ease and use them as opportunities to close the sale.

  • Service and maintain client relationships to generate repeat business and referrals.

Course Contents

The programme is delivered in 7 modules, as follows;

Module 1: Partnering

Module 2: Value Profiling

Module 3: Developing Benefits

Module 4: Presenting Solutions

Module 5: Handling Objections

Module 6: Closing

Module 7: Putting It All Together

Duration: 3 days

Effective Customer Service

In reality, goods and services aren’t sold; products and services are bought by customers

About the Programme

Organizations that are focused on long-term growth and commercial success place high value on attracting new customers, dazzle customers with their superior services and the role that effective customer service plays in developing their workforce. This programme helps organizations leverage customer service as a strategic advantage

Target Audience: Sales, Marketing & Relationship Officers and Mangers

Course Overview

Leaders in today’s rapidly changing business world have determined that there is more to success than catchy advertising campaigns. Whether it is a business, a professional practice, a health care facility, or a government agency, success comes to organizations that are dedicated to looking after their customers, product quality alone isn’t enough.

Course Contents

Effective customer service coaches focus their attention on monitoring performance, providing feedback and recognizing accomplishments. They direct their attention
to every level of customer service delivery, working with superstars as well as low performers to improve their customer service skills. This programme is delivered in 7 modules, as follows;

Module 1: The Customer Service

Module 2: Coaching Customer Service

Duration:1-2 days